The Piedmont region is one of the largest Italian wine-growing regions, with a territory that extends from the high mountains of the north to the delicate plains of the south-east. This region is famous for its important red wines but recently also for its elegant white.

In short, red or white, pasty or sparkling, vintage or young: whatever their characteristics, Piedmontese wines are among the most valuable and appreciated wines in the world.

In Piedmont, everything revolves around wine!

With over 50 types of wines, 18 DOCG and 44 DOC, Piedmont is one of the Italian regions with the greatest variety of labels, almost all of great excellences.

Historically speaking, Piedmont is one of the most important regions. Here the first examples of zoning of wine-growing areas started, defining concepts such as terroir and cru.

Piedmont has been producing wine since ancient times, and in addition to Barolo, its productions are famous throughout the world, such as Barbera of Monferrato. The different areas of production are united by the type of cultivation of the vines, the Nebbiolo, which occurs almost exclusively on hilly terrain, and which give its wine a suitable aging life.

One cannot speak of Piedmontese wines without thinking of Nebbiolo, for many the noblest of Italian grapes. Nebbiolo gives life to famous wines like Barolo DOCG, a great internationally recognized red wine, Il Barbaresco, Il Ghemme and Gattinara DOCG. All wines with an important tannicity due Nebbiolo, but a unique body and elegance. Their notes of Violet, rose, spices and leather are unmistakable.

It is also important to remember that the areas of their production, Barolo and Bararesco, together with Roero and Monferrato, have recently been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Among the other most famous Piedmontese wines, we find Dolcetto d’Alba and Barbera d’Asti. Asti gives its name to an area known above all for its namesake sparkling wine.

Piedmont is not just a land of great red wines and Asti spumante. Also some Piedmontese white wines have conquered the DOCG: the Gavi or Cortese and the Erbaluce di Caluso, but there are other productions worthy of note, such as the Langhe DOC Arneis.

The white wines of Piedmont have an elegance and lightness all typical. Delicately fruity and with a good acidity, they make it easy to drink and to pair with food.

It should be remembered that Piedmont is not too far from the sea (in some places it is just 8 km) and the hilly area facing south with clay and sand rich soils, with delicate winds and good temperature range, can give life to white wines rich in aromas and very fine.

Buon Nebbiolo a tutti!

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