WSA – Worldwide Sommelier Association

Vinumundi is the official partner of the WSA that organises courses within the Netherlands.

Jaarlijks verzorgen wij opleidingen voor het WSA.
Voorlopig is dit in Maastricht, maar vanafa 2021 zal dit ook in Amsterdam verzorgt worden.

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The Worldwide Sommelier Association (WSA) is the Association of Sommeliers around the world.

It’s an initiative with the aim of contributing to the spreading of wine and food culture, bringing together in this project the most prestigious associations from all around the world involved in the field.

As an association, the Worldwide Sommelier Association provides support to the promotion of both great and humble wine and food treasures along with their territories, by means of in-depth training, supported by first class didactic aids. The Worldwide Sommelier Association’s principal goals are achieved through organizing exclusive international events to showcase the outstanding products of any country, namely wine, but also typical regional products, such as extra-virgin olive oil and other regional food products.

The second main activity of the Worldwide Sommelier Association is its professional qualifications and courses.

Education and teaching provided are world renown and of the highest standard. Each year thousands of people become highly qualified experts, requiring top-class wine events accordingly. Hence, the diffusion of this training approach is vital towards the improvement of skills among the professionals. That’s why Worldwide Sommelier Association provides high teaching methods and qualified trainers to offer the best in sommelier instruction available anywhere.

  • WSA – Level 1 Course: Wine tasting technique, viticulture, oenology, service technique.
  • WSA – Level 2 Course: Complete Italian, French and international oenography: wine regions and sub-regions, terroirs, grape varieties, wine styles, appellation systems.
  • WSA – Level 3 Course: Advanced wine-food pairing technique, wine & food categories, service technique.
  • WSA QUALIFICATION – two days examination. Written tests. Blind tasting and wine evaluation, wine-food pairing assessment tests and serving techniques.
  • WSA – Bibenda Executive Wine Master®
  • WSA – Training on Olive Oil
  • WSA – Specific courses on theme

Several awards and competitions are planned by the WSA on a yearly base, including Best World Sommelier, Oscars of wines and many more.

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Related bodies to the Worldwide Sommelier Association are:

  • Fondazione Italiana Sommelier
  • Associazione Italiana Sommelier dell’Olio
  • Bibenda (publisher and portal of the best Italian wine culture)